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Community and Citywide Education Council Elections February 2021

Are you ready to Run. Serve. Lead?

Parents who serve on Community and Citywide Education Councils promote student achievement and act as an important voice for all parents. In February 2021 you will have an opportunity to apply for a seat on an Education Council!

We encourage you to attend Community and Citywide Education Councils meetings and to invite other parents in your community - there is no better way to understand what Education Councils are and what they do than to actually observe them in action! This month, CECs will discuss their district’s schools Capital Plans – it is a great opportunity to learn more about the process and how their work affects their community.

To encourage maximum participation in the Elections, the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) will be the entry point for both application and voting. It is imperative that all parents create an account and link all their children to it before February 1, 2021. To create an account visit

Please invite the Elections Team to your parent events for more in-depth conversations about the 2021 CCEC elections. We are here to collaborate with our families and parent leaders to make these elections the most successful yet! E-mail us at

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