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PS 376 Featured on School Sparrow as Top School

Felisa Rincon de Gautier is another underrated school in Brooklyn that doesn’t deserve the 6 out of 10 rating that is displayed on all the real estate search portals.

Felisa Rincon de Gautier is a great school for your child to get personalized and dedicated instruction with a student to teacher ratio of 15.3 students per teacher. In addition, this school has impressive student performance when their test scores are appropriately measured in the context of the socio-economic profile of the school, and accounting for LEP/CWD test takers.

These students score 66.2% proficient overall, but there is a wide range of scores by grade, with the straight unadjusted scores for 3rd grade at an incredible 87%, while the 5th grade scored 37%. Sometimes this simply means the demographics of the school is changing, with students from higher income families having higher concentrations in the lower grades. It could also mean that the higher grades have a higher concentration of LEP/CWD children. Overall, the school scores 30% higher than the average score for schools with similar income profiles, which makes this school an outlier and out-performer.

PS 376 considers themselves a Community of Growth, providing unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. This school practices Project Based Learning, where students learn the curriculum as they work together to solve real world problems. Central to the premise of this system, is the student-influenced inquiry process that teaches students to think critically and find the right questions to focus on in solving challenges.

The Felisa Rincon De Gautier School is an exemplary institution that will provide a quality education for families from all walks of life and abilities. Parents, don’t let the 6/10 dissuade you from exploring this school; it could be the perfect fit for your child.

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