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School Reopening & New Attendance Requirements - 12/4/2020

Reopening School Buildings

On Thursday, November 19, all school buildings temporarily closed for teaching and learning, and all New York City public school students transitioned to fully remote learning.

· The return dates below apply to students in blended learning, including those who selected blended learning during the recent opt-in period.

· If you have recently traveled outside of New York City to a place on the State’s travel advisory list, you will have to follow the recommendations for quarantine before resuming in person learning.

3K Through Grade 5

Students in these grades will return to in-person learning beginning on Monday, December 7.

· This includes all students in grades 3K through 5, across early education and elementary school types (e.g., in K-2 schools, K-3 schools, K-5 schools, as well as District Pre-K Centers, K-8 schools, and K-12 schools).

· This excludes schools located in State-designated Orange Zones(Open external link). See the list of schools in the Orange Zone.

District 75 Schools

Students in all grade levels in District 75 schools can return to in-person learning beginning on Thursday, December 10.

· This excludes schools located in State-designated Orange Zones(Open external link). See the list of schools in the Orange Zone.

Grades 6 to 12

Students in grades 6 through 12 (outside of District 75 schools) will continue to learn remotely until further notice.

New Blended Learning Expectations Guidance

Starting Monday, December 7, citywide expectations will apply for students to maintain in-person seats. Students attending school in person must attend school on their scheduled in-person days at least one time in the first week of school, and if your child is unable to attend you must contact your child’s school to provide notice and an acceptable reason.

All excused absences are acceptable, and exceptions are wider than a typical excused absence, and include but are not limited to:

· Quarantine/COVID-related absence

· Quarantine from out-of-state travel – though not an accommodation for the travel itself

· Your family is looking after a sick relative, or caring for a sibling

· Your child is not expected for in-person activities, but prefers 'blended' in order to maintain transportation benefits necessary for attending in-person shared instructional sessions

Schools will attempt to contact you if your child has been absent and they have not heard from you. If your child’s school cannot reach you, the school will notify you and they can move your child to full remote learning.

Please check the DOE’s website section Messages to Families for the most up to date information about schools reopening.

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