The school day officially begins at 8:30 AM each day. Attendance is taken daily by the classroom teacher. Students are expected to attend school every day and maintain 90% or higher attendance.


Every absence  must be explained in writing  by a parent, guardian, or doctor's note.

Late Arrival

Students are expected to arrive on time for class and will be marked late if they arrive after 8:35 AM. Students who arrive after 8:35 AM must sign in at the security desk.

Late Pick up

Students must be picked up promptly from school after the end of the school day or extra-curricular class. The school provides a ten minute grace period after the end of the school day for student pick up.


If you are unable to pick up your child on time, notify the Main Office by calling (718) -573-0781.

Grades K, 3, and 5 dismiss at 1:45 pm

Grades 1, 2, and 4 dismiss at 1:55 pm


All students are required to wear school uniform everyday. Parents are key partners in helping the school maintain an atmosphere of professionalism by ensuring their children adhere to the uniform policy all the times. We believe that uniforms foster school unity and pride; improve student performance, foster self-esteem; eliminate label competition; simplify dress and decorum in their "work" place; and improve student conduct and discipline.

The uniform consists of the following:

  • White Top: button down shirt/ blouse with collar or white polo shirt

  • Navy Blue Bottom: pants or skirt (at knee level)

  • Black shoes or black sneakers (for safety reasons no flip flops)

  • Navy blue sweat pants and navy blue t-shirt ( only on the day your child has Gym)

If you are unable to comply please contact us at (718)-573-0781.

Emergency Contact Card

Every student received a BLUE Emergency Contact Card. The card asks for important information about whom the school may contact in case of an emergency.  It is important that the information is accurate and up to date.  Your child has to return this information to his/her teacher immediately so we may update records. Any change in phone number or address must be reported to the school.  For the safety of the children, please notify the office with any special circumstances.

Anyone picking up a child who is not on the BLUE card will need to have written approval through written authorization by the parent/guardian, before the child may leave the school grounds.

Here is a link to an electronic blue card.  You may use this to also provide updates to contact information: BLUE CARD FORM


Family vacations should be planned during the Department of Education's scheduled holidays. We recognize that that holidays are an important time to reconnect with family member that are far away. The cost of travel often influences travel plans, but keep in mind the cost to your child's education when instructional days are missed, as well as the message this sends out about the importance of daily attendance.

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School Trips

At P.S. 376 we believe all students thrive through a rich shared experiential learning from trips and in class hands on activities.

Electronics/Cell Phone Use Policy

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NYC School Discipline Policy

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