Role of the Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

•Title I PAC is a consultative and representative body that involves and engages all Title I parents of participating students in the Title I program.

•The Title I PAC will participate with the SLT in the joint review, planning, and improvement of the school’s Title I program (CEP), and the development, revision and review of the parent and family engagement policy.

•The size of the Title I PAC is a school-based decision, it should include Title I parents and Title I parents of students in various grades, and English language learners and students with IEPs.

•Responsibility of the Title I PAC is to ensure effective involvement of all Title I parents to support the partnership between other school community stakeholders (SLT, etc.).

•Title I PAC informs Title I parents on Title I issues, and assures that the views/opinions of the school’s Title I parents are conveyed to the SLT.