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Minecraft Student Ambassador

We're looking for passionate individuals who want to make an impact on their community using technology. The program is designed to provide leadership and skill development opportunities for students as they train, support, and mentor fellow students and educators with using Minecraft: Education Edition. If you're interested in being a part of this amazing team, please fill out our application by clicking on the link!


A Minecraft Student Ambassador is a student who is a Minecraft Expert and who is willing to support, assist, and/or mentor other students and teachers at their school with using Minecraft Education Edition. MSAs will provide assistance in the form of demos, training, leading small group sessions and/or one on one sessions.

MINECRAFT STUDENT AMBASSADORS are student leaders with a passion for sharing technology with their classmates and teachers. Apply to become a Minecraft Student Ambassador today - gain leadership experience and develop your technical and 21st Century skills! This opportunity is available to students in grades 2-5.

***This application and the teacher recommendation is due by October 14, 2022 to be considered for the program. Please note: Submitting an application to the MSA Program does not guarantee acceptance! There will likely be more applicants than seats available.***


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