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PS 376 SLT Minutes

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Virtual


Nathalie Perez-Hernandez, Jennfer Haig, Amanda Hamerman, Katy Falk, Tiffany Cortes, Andreina Perez, Patrina Louis, Annie Ross, Viviana Cora

3:00 pm

Meeting Start Time

3:03 pm

Ms. Hamerman reviews the agenda

3:05 pm

Review and Nominations for SLT Positions

Elected members:

Chairperson - Amanda Hammerman

Secretary/Timekeeper- Andreina Perez

Financial Liaison - Patrina Louis

3:14 pm

Review SLT By Laws:

SLT Required members - Principal, UFT Chair, PSA President, then additional members up to 10, must be equal family and school staff

3:24 pm

Discussion to establish calendar for monthly meetings.

3:31 pm

SLT members voted on SLT Calendar

SLT meetings will take place the third Monday of the month at 4:00pm

3:32 pm

Principals Report

Welcome back members and guests

Summary of Parent Communication Preferences meeting

System options: Remind, Operoo, Class Dojo, Parent Square

Survey for parent to select a system will be sent out and posted to school site, open until 11:59pm on Monday, 10/4/2021

3:35 pm

UFT Updates

Dial-a-Teacher is still active and an option for parents/students who would like homework help. Flyers will be available in many languages


PSA President Report

No report, PSA meeting will be taking place on Thursday, 9/30/2021

Ms. Cortes asked about coverage for Ms. Rivera for the CEP subcommittee, committees will be supported by staff members (info to follow). Ms. Amador and Ms. Cruz are supporting parent communication during Ms. Rivera’s absence.


Agenda concluded, recap of meeting


SLT Meeting adjourned

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