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PS 376 Announcement

We're pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022-2025 for our implementation of problem-based learning in our Bushwick community.

Today, students at PS 376 are not just problem solving they are solving problems. They are called to act as global citizens to have real impacts on their community.  We use problem-based learning to guide students’ ability to act and advocate based on their experiences and learning that is driven by multidisciplinary standards. Our school community engages in authentic learning across all grade levels, which is only possible through transdisciplinary learning and the integration of Apple products, applications, and programs consistently throughout the course of the day.



Through a robust Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math program, our vision is to create a school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence. All stakeholders are committed to developing our students' 21st century skills in an innovative learning environment enhanced by Apple technologies and functions. Our community believes in a continual inquiry process to extend and reiterate our vision.  Through authentic inquiry, the engineering design process, and exploration, students engage in critical thinking and collaboration by working on real-world issues in their community.



At PS 376, student success is measured in multiple ways, which include the integration of Apple technology, functions, and practices. 90% of our teachers at PS 376 are Apple certified. 4 teachers are in the final stages of the Apple coach certification. 100% of our students have 1:1 Apple devices and use Apple technologies to engage in robust STEAM programs. Initially, our student tasks were at the acquisition level (repeated learned information), now 100% of redesigned tasks are transfer level (applying knowledge to real-world problems).  Further, our Instructional Technology Committee unpacked the NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards and aligned them to our use of Apple products and applications. All students use Apple technology to learn and demonstrate understanding.


What's Next

At PS 376 we will engage in continuous professional learning cycles to extend our practices in problem-based learning throughout all content areas. Students will integrate knowledge and understanding of standards with relevant and authentic real-world experiences. They will publish polished products to share with an intentional community audience. Grade-level teacher teams will develop tasks across content areas that reflect student-centered learning. At this level, redesigned tasks with the implementation of Apple Technology are not the ultimate goal, but rather support authentic critical thinking, student agency, and collaboration.

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